Our Boys

We are dog people, and take them with us just about everywhere. So, on any given Sunday, you may see  Finn or Beglieve in our shop. Finn is a 5+ year old Irish Wolfhound. At about 155 lbs, don't let his size fool you. The only thing you have to worry about with this guy, is possibly getting licked to death! Beglieve is now 2 years old, and finally mature enough to take his turn at the shop.



Saoirse (on the right) at 6 weeks´╗┐


Linda, with Saoirse, at 11 months.´╗┐


Saoirse, on the right with Hamish, and Liam, the Extra Large Leprechaun


Saoirse and Beglieve along the shore of Lake Superior


Ed with Beglieve and Saoirse



Beglieve and Saoirse April 2012